Conduct an Employee Evaluation in 6 Easy Steps Webinar

Conduct an Employee Evaluation in 6 Easy Steps

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
2:00 – 3:15 p.m. Central Standard Time
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3–4:15 p.m. Eastern | 1–2:15 p.m. Mountain | 12–1:15 p.m. Pacific

  • Discover the key factors that contribute to employees lying in the workplace.
  • Learn the fundamental skills of communicating tough messages without sugarcoating.
  • Get Inside info on how other managers create transparency in the workplace through case studies.
  • Learn how to encourage direct feedback – and how to respond with credibility.
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Price: $139 Member Price: $129

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A transparent workplace thrives on honesty and direct connections.
An honest workplace holds everyone accountable for their actions.

When managers ignore bad news – (like falling profits, pay-cuts, lay-offs, and more) – and act like nothing is wrong, it damages morale, motivation, productivity, and profits.

However, when managers learn to embrace a transparent workplace, they’ll soon discover the transforming power of honesty in the workplace.

In our newest webinar, “How to create an honest, transparent, and productive workplace – And increase productivity, profits, and ideas” you’ll get specific techniques, methods, and ideas on transforming your department into a place where employees work hard – for you, themselves, and for each other!

In this career-changing webinar, you’ll learn specific techniques that lead to success:

  • How to eliminate the fear factor that keeps employees from speaking up.
  • How sync your words and actions to show that you’re honest.
  • What you can change – right now – to make it easy for employees to trust you and stay focused on goals.
  • How an open and honest workplace holds everyone accountable for their actions – including you!
  • How to give—and get—regular performance feedback with an individual as well as a team.

Yes, honesty IS the best policy – especially if you want to become a better manager.

Successful leaders thrive from the ideas of their employees – who freely voice their ideas, opinions and concerns about day-to-day operations and how to improve them.

In this live webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Confront negative bad news – and discuss it honestly and openly.
  • Collect real data about barriers that stifle open communication and teamwork.
  • Change your body language to tune in, listen and be approachable so that employees will open up to you.
  • Become aware of your own behavior so employees know that you get it!

Silencing the truth can bankrupt your company – even a successful one!

Does your workplace keep employees from speaking up and sharing their ideas? Are leaders prepared to really listen? What happens when leaders don’t like what they hear?

When managers cultivate an honest workplace, good things happen:

  • You create ownership, build engagement and stop finger pointing.
  • Innovative ideas spring forth from all employees.
  • People feel part of a team and take initiative.
  • A truthful workplace pushes everyone to succeed.

You’ll learn key factors that contribute to lying in the workplace

Many companies and organizations fall into the trap of never discussing negative news. Why? Because management isn’t prepared to face the questions, confrontation and conflict that ensue.

When you learn how to discuss negativity and confront bad news head on you’ll:

  • Earn respect and credibility.
  • Face the reality of change in the workplace with greater confidence.
  • Stop the waste of time and shredding of morale that come from gossip and focus on results.
  • Stop competing priorities, sharpen your team’s focus and get results.

Remember: Great leaders never shy from the truth. They tell it like it is. They don’t hide the facts. They believe that employees deserve the truth – even when it’s uncomfortable to give.
Why? Because honest feedback creates a workplace where everyone is treated fairly and with respect – and the truth allows everyone to know where they stand.

You’ll learn more techniques, designed to create a workplace that promotes and embraces honesty:

  • You’ll learn what you’re doing right – and wrong! – learn from detailed case studies.
  • Why transparency generates better ideas from all employees.
  • How to collect specific data – so you know what employees think of you.
  • How to hold employees accountable – when they fall behind and shirk their responsibilities.
  • Tell it like it is: How to give employees the simple, plain facts when giving feedback.
  • Why you can entrust employees with “company sensitive” information in a transparent workplace.

Please consider registering right now for this content-packed webinar.

You will leave with specific techniques on what you can do to promote honesty in the workplace that boosts your reputation, fosters teamwork and improves performance.
Remember, when employees feel that their ideas and opinions are heard by management, they become better employees: ideas flow forth, everyone works harder, and profits increase.

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