Lessons from the Workplace

Lessons from the Workplace

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In Lessons from the Workplace: Common sense leadership and practical management, you'll find other motivational quotes and stories to help you be a better leader.

  You'll find inspiring stories on how to:

  •   Be a coach, not a hero
  •   Speak up and keep up
  •   Give credit where it's due
  •   Lead by giving up the ball
  •   Put your mind to it
  •   Communicate effectively in 9 ways 

 Plus! Quotes from executives and managers including:

  •   NAACP
  •   American Express
  •   Bank of America
  •   And more!

This new book offers common-sense leadership and practical management in a concise, easy-to-read, collection of executive experience designed to help you benefit from the hard-won success of others.

Lessons from the Workplace delivers quotes, stories and common-sense examples to clearly illustrate how to become an effective leader. It entertains, motivates and offers valuable insights into the art managing employees, working with colleagues and getting along with people.

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