The Power of Body Language Webinar

The Power of Body Language Webinar

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We all use our bodies to communicate. The way we sit, stand, use our eyes and move our arms all sends a message. Smart managers know that everything we do with our body has meaning and significance. Now you can find out exactly how to read what others are saying without words.

In this on-demand webinar you will learn:

  • “Power poses” to create confidence and develop passion
  • Why the most innovative leaders rely on reading body language when communicating with others
  • How to tell when someone is angry, disengaged, excited, bored or lying—and more
  • How to use body language to your advantage in any employee interaction
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Do you wish you knew what your employees were thinking?

You could be missing nonverbal cues that are crucial to successful communication.

The best leaders and managers use every tool available to interact effectively with their employees—and one of the best tools is the ability to read and understand body language.

When you learn to read and understand body language, you will:

  • Know exactly what your employees think
  • Detect who’s being honest—and who isn’t
  • Spot employees who aren’t listening or just don’t care
  • Learn how to develop confidence and create excitement by changing your body language
  • Learn the power poses that will make others respect you

When you understand how the body communicates, you’ll immediately become a better manager. Not only will you know your employees better, you will also gain insights on how to adjust your own body language to exude confidence and authority.

BONUS for introverts and shy people: Use these power poses to get you out of your shell.

Use these power poses for just two minutes and you will:

  • Speak more confidently in public
  • Conduct better meetings
  • Create powerful first impressions the moment you meet someone new
  • Gain confidence—even when you have no confidence whatsoever
  • Attract more clients and customers
  • Get senior executives to act on your ideas

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