Take control of your email to manage better, simplify your work, and never miss a deadline
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Take control of your email to manage better, simplify your work, and never miss a deadline

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If you’re...

  • A director of a critical initiative at your company
  • A manager of an important project
  • An account manager or client representative
  • A busy executive assistant with many cross-functional responsibilities


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Ask yourself:

  • Are you a slave to the email alert on your computer?
  • Do you waste hours starting and stopping projects to respond to email?
  • Is it impossible to get quality work done because email interrupts you?
  • Does a flood of email-alert ads make checking your email unbearable?
  • Do you desperately need one place to store all the emails for a big project?
  • Do you find yourself on the phone with impatient clients, frantically searching for your last email from them?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need K.J. McCorry’s new lifesaver course for managers drowning in multiplying emails, “Take control of your email to manage better, simplify your work, and never miss a deadline.” In just 45 minutes, K.J. will show you how to:

  • Get rid of junk email forever
  • Clear your inbox of non-essential emails in about 5 minutes a day
  • Manage deadlines for dozens of project workers with ease
  • Keep tight control of important project documents
  • Manage complicated work flows on multiple initiatives without strain
  • Free yourself FOREVER of that panicky feeling that your email is out of control
  • Sleep better at night, look forward to work—you control your email—not the reverse!

K.J.’s four short email lessons are remarkably easy to learn. They’re:

  1. Simple. K.J. uses ordinary words and short bullet points to teach unforgettable shortcuts.
  2. Clearly illustrated. K.J. uses actual screen shots of the three main email systems.
  3. Interactive. Quizzes and list-making exercises drive K.J.’s crystal-clear lessons home.

Here’s the best part: This easy-to-absorb, practical unit on how to control your work email is only $- for three month’s access. That’s right, you get 90 days to view again and again these lessons packed with instantly usable email tips and shortcuts for only $-!

K.J.’s simplified email management course consists of a brief introductory lesson, followed by three compact courses of 10-15 minutes each:

  1. “5 Steps to manage incoming mail messages,”
  2. “Managing incoming email: Using email functions,” and
  3. “Email management: How to identify and tag action-related email.”

A. Here’s what you’ll learn in K.J.’s brief Course I introduction, “Three strategies for email management”:

  • How to exploit the 3 critical strategies for successful email management
  • How to reduce incoming emails by 10, 20 even 30% or more!
  • Process incoming email fast, keep your inbox count down, see what needs attention now
  • How to get rid of the constant email checking habit and finish projects on time

B. On to the heart of K.J.’s instruction: In Course II, “5 steps to manage incoming email messages,” you’ll learn in detail how to attack your mountain of email proactively.

Sandbags won’t hold back the flood of good and useless information on your computer screen. You need email management skills.

Only three things are certain in life: death, taxes and increasing email.

 You can’t do anything about the first two. But you can do plenty to stop excessive email from ruining your work day. With K.J.’s “5 steps to manage incoming email messages,” you’ll master these skills:

  • Understand the 5 strategies for managing daily incoming email
  • Scan and delete unnecessary email from your inbox in seconds
  • Act on the short-response-needed emails to clean up your inbox fast
  • Sort emails into non-response and action-related groups to further de-clutter inbox
  • Tag, track, and sort all action-related emails. Your inbox is transformed!
  • Review newsletter-type emails quickly; sort and file them without wasting time

Now. . . You’ve just saved 45 minutes in your busy day. And you don’t have to scroll down to see all the day’s email. One glance is all it takes. Feeling better?

C. Time for Course III:  You’ve labeled your email and disposed of half of it. Your inbox screen is a cheerful place for the first time ever. Now what? In “Managing incoming email: Using email functions,” K.J. shows you the vital next steps:

Now that you understand how to sort and categorize your email, you must learn the functionality available in your email system.

This is the absolutely necessary next step to becoming the Master of Email. Let K.J. show you how to increase your managerial efficiency by 50 or even 100% by making yourself an expert in email functionality in Outlook, Gmail, or Lotus.

K.J. teaches you how to view, filter, and tag incoming email in Outlook, Lotus Notes and Gmail:

  • How to use functions in your email system to organize and manage your inbox
  • How to tag incoming emails to quickly find every one of them
  • How to identify, star, and flag all action-related emails for fast response
  • Never forget another email reply!—convert emails into calendar and task items
  • Set up rules and filters to automatically remove unwanted email from your inbox

You’re almost a Master of Email. You have only to absorb the secrets of tagging email so it never get lost or neglected. Ever!

D. In Course IV, “Email management: How to identify and tag action-related email,” K.J. reveals new methods to identify action-related email so you don’t lose it in your inbox:

You can only eliminate or delete so much email. Some email needs an instant reply. Other email must be set aside—on occasion, for a sizable stretch of time. Where do you put it?

K.J. shows you step-by-step how to identify and tag incoming email that needs further action, so you never lose sight of it. She explains her methods to keep critical emails in plain sight, right at the end of your nose. You’ll learn:

  • 5 methods to tag and identify action-related email
  • How flags, stars, and colors function as your personal reminder when things are due
  • How to convert an email to a calendar or task—and never miss another deadline!
  • How to categorize folders in your email system, action-type folders
  • How to tag email on your computer and on mobile devices

Want to sleep better, free up two hours or more at work every day, AND become a better-informed, more decisive, more respected manager? Of course you do. The first step: Learn how to master your email in one hour with K.J. McCorry!

Order now and “Take control of your email to manage better, simplify your work, and never miss a deadline”

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