Managing email effectively

Managing email effectively

By K.J. McCorry
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About the eBook

Is email taking over your entire day? It's time to get control of your email box.

Find out how to set email time limits, compose a message effectively and create clear subject lines in this ebook from K.J. McCorry, a nationally-recognized productivity specialist.

You'll learn how to:

  • Stop checking email first thing in the morning
  • Check spelling and grammar in email messages
  • Avoid the traps of delayed response
  • Turn off the new email alert function
  • Set email time limits
  • Use CC and BCC appropriately
  • Eliminate unnecessary email
  • Flag an email for follow-up
  • Minimize checking to save you time
  • Compose standard signatures
  • Determine priorities and respond
  • Be mindful what you write
  • Use the read, respond and remove efficient email system
  • Create filters and rules
  • Consolidate multiple email accounts
  • And more!

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