Do You Burn?

Do You Burn?

By Denise Ryan
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Do you live your life with fire and enthusiasm? Do YOU burn?

Ever wonder what it's all about? Feel like you're not getting everything you want out of life? Have this vague feeling that you're missing something?

Do You Burn? offers a series of questions and commentary to help you determine if you BURN—if you live your life with fire and enthusiasm. It also gives you steps to crank up your fires of passion and excitement.

In this report, you'll get:

  • Nine questions to find out if you are on the path to getting what you want out of life
  • Rules to help you stay motivated
  • Ten reasons why you need to write down your goals
  • Tools to recognize and conquer the fears that hold you back

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"Enthusiasm is no Pollyannish, sweetness and light, bright and fortuitous concept. It is a strong, rugged mental attitude that is hard to achieve, difficult to maintain but powerful—so powerful!"
—Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Learn how to find your enthusiasm and reach your goals with this downloadable report.

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