How to manage the 10 most common employee personalities (and make your workplace great!)

How to manage the 10 most common employee personalities (and make your workplace great!)

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A 60-minute webinar with “Modern Manners Guy,” Richie Frieman

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FACT: You’ll work with difficult people throughout your career.

FACT: The higher up you get in your organization, the more likely it is that they’ll work for you.

FACT: Avoiding these personalities is like dodging raindrops—it can’t be done.

But when you’re equipped with the proper gear, you can weather any management storm no matter how intense.

The last thing you need is an employee who lowers morale and productivity. You must be a peace-keeper.

How do you handle the varied, conflicting personalities in your team and remain sane and successful?

Join us for this new ManageBetter webinar and learn how to get the best from the top 10 most challenging characters in your workplace:

  1. The Bully—Tools to de-fuse the rampant ego
  2. The Introvert—Discover how to bring reserved workers out of their shells and foster their development
  3. The Gossip—Scotch rumors, ban backstabbing before your conference room turns into TMZ’s offices
  4. The Loudmouth—Combat the noise and tone down his blatant self-image while you enhance and capitalize on his skills
  5. The Slacker—Ensure that a bad attitude doesn’t run your entire team off course
  6. The Flirt—Keep your legal fees down and reputation intact by toning down flirting and turning up productivity
  7. The MVP—Harness an over-competitive spirit so he or she doesn’t undermine team morale
  8. The Smoke-Breaker—Just because someone needs nicotine doesn’t mean they get a 20-minute pass every hour. How to set reasonable limits and maintain productivity
  9. The Know-It-All—How to handle the “everything-expert”
  10. The Party Animal—Special events don’t have to be embarrassing ordeals. How to keep the party in check

You can turn the most difficult employee into a highly productive one. You can bring together totally different personalities to surpass your goals!

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Keep complicated employee relations from tearing your team apart
  • Connect with employees on their level—without condescending
  • Create an “Open Door Policy” with reasonable limits
  • Promote harmony, improve morale, increase productivity—without stifling creativity
  • Identify the 10 team characters who undermine productivity
  • When personality clashes come to a boil and quirks become a major distraction, it’s your job to take control.

    Register for this webinar. Learn to shape your team culture, build up employee strengths and manage your team to the top!

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