Project management: Get projects done within budget and on time

Project management: Get projects done within budget and on time

June 11, 2014
2 – 3:15 p.m. Central Time
Price: $139
Member Price: $129
Product Code: XM-409

If you think project management equals frustration, overtime and interpersonal drama, think again.

Manage every one of your projects in stride with organization, goal-setting, accountability and team engagement.

Learn how in this new ManageBetter webinar featuring leading consultant Valerie Grubb.

You’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to lead projects from planning through completion under budget, on time.

Valerie speaks from an unequaled project management experience. She’ll teach you the powerful techniques she’s passed on to hundreds of managers at Oxygen Network, Game Show Network, NBC Universal, and Anheuser Busch (AB InBev).

Take the lead on that next project that could make or break your bottom line. You’ll learn to:

  • Plan your project for success right from the start
  • Meet your budget and your schedule every time
  • Corral support across the organization before, during and after your project
  • Develop deliverables in-line with company goals
  • Inventory the skills, knowledge, personality, availability and experience of your project team
  • Avoid workplace drama through effective team leadership
  • Communicate effectively with your team
  • Organize and set goals and track progress—without fancy software
  • Hold employees accountable with 5 front-line techniques
  • Set up “check-point” meetings that keep everyone on task—without micromanaging
  • Avoid the 5 most common project-management mistakes
  • Recover quickly when things get off track

You’ll learn dozens of insider project techniques! Register for this webinar, and take on your next project with sky-high confidence.

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